…and with Christy bed linen, that’s no hardship

On furlough? Working from home (bed)? We’re living through weird times right now but one thing’s for sure, we’re all spending a lot more time at home. 

 It may not exactly be how we thought we’d be spending the spring but there are certainly some perks. Forgoing the early morning commute for more time in bed is one. Wrapping yourself in the duvet whilst you tap away at your computer instead of sitting in the office is another.

 When your bedding is enveloped in a Christy duvet cover and matching pillowcases it just adds that little touch of luxury. You may be sporting a Spring Summer 2020 wardrobe of slippers and slouchy clothes right now but your bed can still dress to impress. Style your bedroom like a palatial hotel because you won’t be experiencing any actual luxury hotel accommodation anytime soon.

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The new Praire bed linen set is certainly something to swoon over. With its rich jewel-like colours of teals, turquoises and greens set against a classic white backdrop and the occasional splash of vibrant orange, it’s sophisticated but lifts the mood. And don’t we all need that right now.

The hand-painted design features an array of foliage and botanical shapes. It’s timeless but also bang on trend. It also brings the outside in, a reminder of the beauty of nature for when you can’t get out and enjoy it to the full. 

Even at the best of times, sinking into a freshly-made bed with perfect ironed sheets is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Now many of those pleasures are on hold, clean, crisp bedding from Christy might just be number one.

Those sunshine happy outdoor days will come again but for now, let’s cocoon.

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