The pudding that won MasterChef is now a flavoured gin you can buy in Aldi

WHEN Simon Wood first dreamed up his MasterChef-winning citrus Tutti Frutti dessert, he probably didn't foresee it being sold as a sweet gin liqueur in Aldi priced at £13.99.

 Tutti Frutti gin is the result of a collaboration between Simon and local gin makers, Didsbury Gin. And when you look at what's in Simon's Tutti Frutti, the idea makes a lot of sense.

Says Simon, “Tutti-Frutti literally translates as all the fruits. My dessert from the MasterChef final is my very own Citrus Tutti-Frutti. It’s made up of all the citrus fruit, lemon, lime, ruby grapefruit, vanilla and passion fruit. A great mix for a really tasty gin.

 "We’ve been big fans of Didsbury Gin from day one at my restaurant Wood Manchester. I love to support local brands and when Liam and Mark asked if I wanted to collaborate with them, I couldn’t wait to make Tutti Frutti into a gin.”

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The gin is a bright and citrussy liqueur with a delicate, smooth and velvet-like finish. It can be enjoyed as a sweet twist on the classic gin and tonic, served with a slice of pink grapefruit and a twist of orange, or as a Tutti Frutti Spritz made with prosecco and grapefruit.

  Feeling suddenly thirsty? Head down to Aldi where Didsbury Tutti Frutti Gin Liqueur is available from 22nd August.

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