Mmm…Pigs in blankets fondue – win it for you and your mates

Pigs in blankets are the best bit of Christmas dinner. We should eat them all year round. In fact, these bites of porky perfection should be eaten every day, or at least every other day.

If you’re missing your pigs in blankets fix, you can get it at Bock.

Paired with one of the greatest foodstuffs of all time – melted cheese – Bock’s new pigs in blankets fondue is a thing of greatness.

And you could win TWO pigs in blankets fondues to share between four with a round of drinks.

Your friends will love you and you’ll get to eat a gooey four cheese fondue with pigs in blankets to dip in. It’s served with golden potato rosti, vegetables and fresh bread. Not forgetting some of those superb Belgian beers. Win win.

With this competition, it will be win win for somebody. Will it be you?

2020 01 22 Bock Pigs And Blanket Wide Shot