The Neapolitan pizza specialists turn one

I Knead Pizza has turned one (which in restaurant years is longer than it sounds). Paul NAME and his team have achieved a lot over the past year and considering how exquisite their wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizzas are, they deserve all their success and more.

Since their restaurant and takeaway opened in Reddish last year, they’ve made around 24,000 pizzas. That’s a lot. The folks at I Knead Pizza have got through about 600kg of mozzarella and untold quantities of flour. Just think how many moments of melty-cheese pleasure that’s given people.

The best-seller is the Gladiator Pizza but rather than being topped with Russell Crowe in some sandals, it’s strewn with a delicious mix of Italian meats. One taste and you’ll understand why it reigns supreme. The challenger is the N’duja and Mozzarella Bites – a popular order with a bit of heat to it.

Pizza guru Paul’s favourite topping is anything with caramelised onions because of the sweet kick they bring to the party. Plus, at I Knead Pizza, they do it properly – no taking shortcuts with sugar here. Instead, the onions are gently cooked in olive oil to release their natural sweetness.

No added sugar, just ali-yummy goodness.

2020 03 17 I Knead Pizza Pizza And Oven

Looking back, you can see it’s been a great year but Paul’s fondest memory is from when they first opened and the restaurant was completely full and you could see the queue for takeaways snaking from one side of the restaurant to the other and out of the door. Since then, there have been thousands and thousands of satisfied diners.

Although one of them was only 99% satisfied; Paul remembers one customer enjoying their pizza but cutting daintily right up to the edge leaving a perfect uncut circle of very neat, thin crust. You know what they say about eating your crusts – perhaps they didn’t want their hair to go curly.

Personally, we’d be happy with curly hair if it meant we could devour every scrap of I Knead Pizza’s pizzas.

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