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We tried some longstanding favourites, and previewed some exciting new entries, on our latest visit

IF YOU’RE anything like us, by Friday you’re flagging. That’s why, one recent POETS Day we decided to forgo the usual office lunch al desko and treat ourselves to some proper food at Sakana. This luxurious Pan Asian restaurant on Peter Street is open from 5pm Monday to Thursday and from midday Friday to Sunday, so - whether you’re after a weekday evening meal or a leisurely weekend lunch or dinner - they have it covered.

The menus also offer plenty of choice, spanning pre-theatre to afternoon tea. For our early afternoon jaunt, it was a tough decision between lunch and a la carte - but, when Sakana offered us a preview of some exciting new menu entries, we couldn’t resist a sneak peak...

These delectable newcomers will be soon be hitting the a la carte, so keep an eye out. Meantime, we’ve also rounded up some Confidential faves that you can tuck into right now. After all, when the menu is so extensive, it’s handy to have some pointers.  

This ridiculously moreish side is like a pimped-up version of egg-fried rice

Old Favourites

Beef rib eye in black bean sauce

This superb main comprises a stack of prime rib eye on a bed of tenderstem broccoli. The bitter nature of black bean sauce can mean it’s sometimes overpowering but here the meat stands its ground, and the stickiness complements the steak perfectly. With Sakana’s signature use of decorative flowers, it even looks the part too - Instagram at the ready... 

20170502 Sakana A La Carte 4
Beef Rib Eye

Xo chicken with asparagus fried rice

This ridiculously moreish side is like a pimped-up version of egg-fried rice; complete with shreds of tender chicken, spring onion, pepper and various other forms of tastebud-tantilising goodness. Slightly naughty but oh so nice.

Dessert sharing platter

Want to round off with something sweet but not up to a whole dessert? This platter is ideal, with four mini puds to share. You’ll get two or three of each kind, including: vanilla custard with mixed fruit, mango cheesecake, macarons and chocolate brownies. Sakana don’t shout about their desserts too much, and it’s easy to miss them - trust us, that would be a crying shame. 

20170502 Sakana A La Carte 2 20170502 Sakana A La Carte 11 20170502 Sakana A La Carte 14 20170502 Sakana A La Carte 12

Coming soon

Surf & turf uramaki roll

Seafood and meat together? We were a bit dubious too, but this daring new dish pulls it off with aplomb. Juicy beef sits in the middle, wrapped in shreds of pepper and cucumber, sushi rice and a blanket of salmon. It’s all topped off with melted cheese - another surprise which works a treat - and a jalapeno pepper for added oomph (those with a low spice threshold can take it off if preferred). 

Surf & turf joins a family of uramaki rolls, each with their own merits. We’re particularly enamoured with the ‘caterpillar,’ complete with little mayonnaise eyes and a lime green ‘shell.’ All rolls come with ginger, wasabi and a sprinkling of crispy shallots. 

20170502 Sakana A La Carte 7
Uramaki Rolls

Robata grilled chicken wings

These tender wings come gently chargrilled and glazed with a sticky Korean-Japanese fusion sauce.  They’ll be joining current robata options such as vegetable, sweet potato and chicken yakitori skewers. Oh yes.

Poke dishes  

Hawaiian ‘raw fish salads,’ poke bowls have now caught on in the western world - and it’s not hard to see why. They’re healthy, tasty and offer plenty of creative freedom. Sakana have cleverly fused the Polynesian dish with Japanese elements for this unusual trio of poke bowls, which add sticky rice and crunchy roe to the equation. Flavours include tuna, salmon with wasabi and avocado and beef teriyaki with tobiko.

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