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Confidentials and your favourite restaurants need your help.


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We are all having some very weird days at the moment, but, as we know, they’ll come to an end soon enough and we’ll all start to bounce back and recover.

Over the past week or so we’ve received some wonderfully supportive messages from many of our longstanding readers and it’s made us feel really good about what we do.

Manchester Confidential supports town in a greater way than perhaps many realise,” one reader told us (and I hope they don’t mind us quoting them).
From news stories about the city and support of restaurants and businesses you provide a necessary and often irreverent platform for those of us who love this city.  Most of us see the value in the offers and rightly so as there are some great deals. However these offers have given so many, so much. From family meals, first dates, meeting friends, celebrations, commiserations and much else besides….the vouchers you provide have given many of us precious time with those we love and even those we don’t.” 

Confidentials as many of you know, is a family business boxing well above its weight up North. We’ve been able to keep up with the big national newspapers with deeper pockets, and we’ve even passed the BBC Good Food team on several occasions in terms of reads and downloads. We’re in our sixteenth year, and we plan on being here for another sixteen.

But our Confidentials family need your help.

Lend me your eyes; I’ve come up with a proposal for you.

Like our restaurant partners, Confidentials have a challenge. Our usual revenue sources have stalled and we have no money coming in to support the work we do and the stories we tell. So, here is a solid idea to start some cash flowing for both our restaurant partners and us, while continuing to save you money.

There are a limited number of half-price gift cards and vouchers that we are not currently issuing for use; effectively we have stored them in a ‘digital warehouse’ ready for the re-opening of our restaurant partners. We have now been in touch with all of them and made an agreement to put them on ‘forward sale’ as of today, to help generate income for both of us.

As always, these highly limited privilege vouchers are available at 50% off their face value. 

The sales of these vouchers will allow both Confidentials and the restaurants to rely on some money coming in. We need those funds to support our team and keep publishing stories; the restaurants need money to keep paying the rent and plan their re-opening strategy whilst the bonus for our readers is investing in a great deal for them as well.

Thanks again for supporting Confidentials by purchasing our vouchers, reading our stories and supporting our restaurants.

Bon appetit!

Best wishes

Mark Garner
@gordomanchester on Twitter
@gordomanchester on Instagram

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